The Sales Revolution Begins November 4!

The current process for selling cars is broken. It pits salespeople against customers in a race to the lowest price, leaving both parties exhausted, bloody and unhappy in the end.

This is mostly because the current approach to selling cars is outdated. Most salespeople have been trained for years to push for the sale instead of dig for the solution. This is fundamentally out of sync with the For The People® culture, which creates a jarring mismatch and unpleasant experience for your customers.

Over the years we’ve found that one of the most frequently asked questions at the Mastermind Meetings is how to get your salespeople to buy into the For The People® message and culture. Now, we’re showing you how to infuse the For The People® mission into every aspect of the buying process.

Announcing: Car Buying Coach®

A Step-By-Step System That Will Bring The For The People® Culture To Your Sales Team.

This One-Day Workshop Is Specifically Designed For Dealers, General Managers And Sales Managers. The Last Up comes to life in this system by helping your managers show your sales team how to shift their perspective and begin moving…

  • From Selling To Solving
  • From Confrontation To Collaboration
  • From Pitching To Probing
  • From Getting To Giving
  • From Closing To Coaching

Learn How To Transform Your Sales Team Into Car Buying Coaches
On Sunday, November 4, 2018 At The Car Buying Coach® Kick Off Event.