Hey Growthbusters! Last week’s Mastermind Meeting sure was a whirlwind of spirited ideas and frightful fun. We went a mile a minute, so in case you blinked for even a second, here’s some photo highlights of what you missed from the three-day extravaganza.

We kicked things off Sunday night with a Belated Halloween Bash, complete with toilet-paper mummies, crazy costumes and scary laughs.

But the good times didn’t stop there, we kept the fun rolling to the meeting room on Monday morning where we kicked things off by defeating a “killer ghost” during a spooky icebreaker. Other highlights from the day included a growthbustin’ strategies workshop and took a deep dive into our individual goals. That’s right, we ain’t afraid of no growth!

But wait! Right before dinner there was something strange going on in the neighborhood. So J&T geared up and sprang into action to lead the busses to dinner in the world-famous Ecto-1.

Dinner was located at the delightfully haunted Dr. Philips house and some Rich Dealers® even got to interact with some friendly spirits throughout the night. But the true highlight of the evening, and perhaps the entire meeting, was when Tony Malito received the brand-new Rich Dealers® status award, The Helm Of ESP®.

It truly was a ghoulishly great meeting. We shared growth busting information at this meeting we’ve never shared before and may never share again. You just never know what you’re going to get ‘til ya get there. RSVP now for the next Mastermind Meeting so you don’t miss a minute of the action next time around.